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1042LH: General Aire Legacy Home Humidifier

General 1042LH Humidifier Parts

The General 1042LH humidifier is a wholehouse bypass style humidifier designed for residential and light commercial applications. It can be mounted on either the supply or return duct system. It comes with a humidistat and will add the appropriate amount of humidity to your home to reduce static electricity, improve your breathing and comfort as well as protect your furniture and wood floors from drying out and cracking. Annual maintenance on the General 1042LH humidifier consists of replacing the humidifier filter or pad and washing out the humidifier.


There is a 120 volt version AND a 24 volt version of this unit. If you need the solenoid valve be sure to order the correct one from this page. The 120 volt version will have a small metal box attached to the coil of the existing solenoid valve. It will also have printing on the coil stating it is a 120 V part.

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