10QBP1003: Magnetron

10QBP1003: Magnetron


4.35 kV, 900 to 1000 Watts

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Warranty: 365 Days

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Magnetron Assembly for Microwaves

Commonly Used on: Emerson, GE, Kenmore, Panasonic, Sharp, Whirlpool


  • Designed to Meet or Exceed OEM Specifications
  • Direct Replacement


  • Peak Voltage: 4.35kV
  • Type: Standard
  • Configuration: H
  • Antenna: 30mm
  • Watts: 900-1000W

Replaces: WB27X10831, 8206079, W1012113

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 in
Replacement Brand

Emerson, GE, Kenmore, Panasonic, Sharp, Whirlpool



Magnetron Type


Magnetron Wattage


Can Replace461964833311, W10217467, W10282794
Fits ModelsGH6208XRB0, GH6208XRQ0, GH6208XRS0, GH7208XRB0, GH7208XRB1, GH7208XRB2, GH7208XRB3, GH7208XRB4, GH7208XRQ0, GH7208XRQ1, GH7208XRQ2, GH7208XRQ3, GH7208XRQ4, GH7208XRS0, GH7208XRS1, GH7208XRS2, GH7208XRS3, GH7208XRS4, GH7208XRS5, GH7208XRT0, GH7208XRT1, GH7208XRY1, GH7208XRY2, GH7208XRY3, GH7208XRY4, GH7208XRY5, GMH5205XVB0, GMH5205XVB1, GMH5205XVQ0, GMH5205XVQ1, GMH5205XVS0, GMH5205XVS1, GMH5205XVT0, GMH5205XVT1, IBMS1450VM0, IBMS1450VMS0, IBMS1450WM0, IBMS1450YB0, IBMS1450YS0, IBMS1455DS00, IBMS1455VS0, IBMS1455VW0, IBMS1455WS0, IBMS1455WW0, IBMS1455XB0, IBMS1456XB0, IBMS1456XS0, KHHC2090SBL0, KHHC2090SBL1, KHHC2090SBL2, KHHC2090SBL3, KHHC2090SBT0, KHHC2090SBT1, KHHC2090SBT2, KHHC2090SBT3, KHHC2090SSS0, KHHC2090SSS1, KHHC2090SSS2, KHHC2090SSS3, KHHC2090SSS4, KHHC2090SWH0, KHHC2090SWH1, KHHC2090SWH2, KHHC2090SWH3, KHMS2050SBL0, KHMS2050SBL1, KHMS2050SBT0, KHMS2050SBT1, KHMS2050SSS0, KHMS2050SSS1, KHMS2050SSS2, KHMS2050SSS3, KHMS2050SSS4, KHMS2050SWH0, KHMS2050SWH1, KHMS2056SBL0, KHMS2056SBL1, KHMS2056SBL2, KHMS2056SBL3, KHMS2056SSS0, KHMS2056SSS1, KHMS2056SSS2, KHMS2056SSS3, KHMS2056SSS4, KHMS2056SWH0, KHMS2056SWH1, KHMS2056SWH2, KHMS2056SWH3, WMH75520AB0, WMH75520AS0, WMH75520AW0, YKHMS2050SB0, YKHMS2050SB1, YKHMS2050SBL1, YKHMS2050SS0, YKHMS2050SS1, YKHMS2050SS2, YKHMS2050SS3, YKHMS2050SS4, YKHMS2050SW0, YKHMS2050SW1, YKHMS2050SWH1