134196602: Drive Motor

134196602: Drive Motor


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Drive Motor for Frigidaire Dryers

Also Fits: Frigidaire, Kenmore, Gibson, Crosley, White Westinghouse


  • Designed to meet or exceed Oem specifications
  • Direct Replacement


  • 1/2″ Flat Shaft
  • Includes Pulley


  • Used In Stack Units

Can Replace: 134196602, 134196601, 134196600, 4838828, AP6783327, PS12584805

Additional information

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions12 × 6 × 6 in

Replacement Brand

Crosley, Electrolux, Frigidaire, Gibson, Kenmore, Westinghouse

Fits ModelsFrigidaire FEX831CS0 Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire GLET1031CS0 Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire FLEB8200DS0 Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire GLET1142CS0 Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire FEX831FS0 Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire GLEH1642FS0 Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire GLEH1642DS0 Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire GLET1031FS0 Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire GLGT1031CS1 Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire FLGB8200DS1 Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire GLET1041AS2 Frigidaire/laundrycenter Frigidaire GLEH1642DS1 Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire GLGT1041AS2 Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire FGX831CS1 Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire LEH1642DS0 Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire FLSE60RGS2 Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire FGX831FS0 Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire FLEB43RGS3 Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire FLEB8200FS0 Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire FEZ831AS2 Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire GLGT1142CS1 Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire GLGH1642DS0 Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire GLGH1642DS1 Frigidaire/laundrycenter Kenmore / Sears 417.94812301 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.94862301 SEARS/LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire FLGB43RGS3 Frigidaire/laundry Center Kenmore / Sears 417.94802301 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire GLGT1031CS0 Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire GLGT1031FS0 Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire GLET1142FS0 Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire GLGT1142CS0 Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire FLGB8200FS0 Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire FLSG60RGS2 Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire FEZ831CFS0 Frigidaire/laundry Center Kenmore / Sears 417.93702201 SEARS/LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.94814301 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.94872301 SEARS/LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire FGX831CS0 Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire FLGB8200DS0 Frigidaire/laundry Center Gibson GES831CS0 Gibson/laundry Center Frigidaire GLGH1642FS0 Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire GLGT1142FS0 Frigidaire/laundry Center Kenmore / Sears 417.61712510 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.61712511 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.61722510 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.61723510 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.61732810 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.61733810 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.71712510 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.71712511 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.71722510 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.71722511 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.71723510 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.71723511 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.71732810 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.71733810 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.93802201 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.93812201 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.93814201 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.93862201 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.93872201 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.94702300 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.94712400 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.94862302 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.94872302 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.97812700 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.97812701 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.97812702 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.97812704 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.97822700 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.97822701 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.97912700 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.97912701 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.97912702 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.97912704 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.97922700 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.97922701 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.97962700 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.97962701 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.97962702 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.97962703 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.97962705 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.97972700 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.97972701 LAUNDRY CENTER Kenmore / Sears 417.97972702 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire CFLE1011MW0 () LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire CFLE1011MW1 () LC FRIGCN Frigidaire CFLE2022MW0 () LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire CFLE2022MW1 () LC FRIGCN Frigidaire CFLE3900UW0 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire CLCE500MW1 () LAUNDRY CENTER Crosley CLCG500FW0 CROSLEY/LAUNDRY CENTER Crosley CLCG900FW0 CROSLEY/LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire FEX831FS1 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire FEX831FS2 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire FEX831FS4 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire FEZ831CFS1 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire FFLE1011MW0 () LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire FFLE1011MW1 () LC FRIG Electrolux FFLE1011MW2 LAUNDRY CENTER, ELECTRIC DRYER Frigidaire FFLE2022MW0 () LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire FFLE2022MW1 () LC FRIG Electrolux FFLE2022MW2 LAUNDRY CENTER, ELECTRIC DRYER Frigidaire FFLE3900UW0 LAUNDRY CENTER Electrolux FFLE3911QW0 LAUNDRY CENTER, ELECTRIC DRYER Electrolux FFLE39C1QW0 LAUNDRY CENTER, ELECTRIC DRYER Electrolux FFLE4033QT0 LAUNDRY CENTER, ELECTRIC DRYER Electrolux FFLE4033QW0 LAUNDRY CENTER, ELECTRIC DRYER Electrolux FFLE40C3QT0 LAUNDRY CENTER, ELECTRIC DRYER Electrolux FFLE40C3QW0 LAUNDRY CENTER, ELECTRIC DRYER Frigidaire FFLG1011MW0 () LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire FFLG1011MW1 LAUNDRY CENTERS Frigidaire FFLG1011MW2 LAUNDRY CENTERS Electrolux FFLG1011MW3 LAUNDRY CENTER, W/GAS DRYER Frigidaire FFLG2022MW0 () LAUNDRY CENTER Electrolux FFLG2022MW2 LAUNDRY CENTER, W/GAS DRYER Electrolux FFLG2022MW3 LAUNDRY CENTER, W/GAS DRYER Frigidaire FFLG3900UW0 LAUNDRY CENTER Electrolux FFLG3911QW0 LAUNDRY CENTER, GAS DRYER Electrolux FFLG3911QW1 LAUNDRY CENTER, W/GAS DRYER Electrolux FFLG4033QT0 LAUNDRY CENTER Electrolux FFLG4033QT1 LAUNDRY CENTER, W/GAS DRYER Electrolux FFLG4033QW0 LAUNDRY CENTER, GAS DRYER Electrolux FFLG4033QW1 LAUNDRY CENTER, W/GAS DRYER Frigidaire FGX831FS1 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire FGX831FS2 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire FGX831FS3 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire FGX831FS5 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire FGX831MCS0 Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire FGZ831AS2 Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire FLEB8200FS1 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire FLEB8200FS2 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire FLEB8200FS4 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire FLGB8200FS1 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire FLGB8200FS2 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire FLGB8200FS3 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire FLGB8200FS5 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire FLSG62MRFS4 Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire FLSG72GCSD Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire FLXG42MRES4 Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire FLXG46MRES1 Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire FLXG52RBSB Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire GCEH1642DS1 Frigidaire/laundrycenter Frigidaire GCEH1642FS0 Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire GCEH1642FS1 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire GCEH1642FS2 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire GCEH1642FS3 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire GCEH1642FS4 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire GCET1031FS0 Frigidaire/laundry Center Frigidaire GCET1031FS1 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire GCET1031FS2 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire GCET1031FS4 LAUNDRY CENTER Gibson GES831AS2 Gibson/laundry Center Frigidaire GLEH1642FS1 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire GLEH1642FS2 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire GLEH1642FS3 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire GLEH1642FS4 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire GLET1031FS1 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire GLET1031FS2 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire GLET1031FS4 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire GLET1142FS1 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire GLET1142FS2 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire GLGH1642FS1 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire GLGH1642FS2 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire GLGH1642FS3 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire GLGH1642FS4 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire GLGH1642FS5 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire GLGT1031FS1 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire GLGT1031FS2 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire GLGT1031FS3 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire GLGT1031FS5 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire GLGT1142FS1 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire GLGT1142FS2 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire GLGT1142FS3 LAUNDRY CENTER Electrolux LGH1642DS0 FRONT LAUNDRY CENTER - W/GAS DRYER Frigidaire MEX731CFS0 Universal/laundry Center Frigidaire MEX731CFS1 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire MEX731CFS2 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire MEX731CFS4 LAUNDRY CENTER Frigidaire MLXE42REW8 Universal/laundry Center Frigidaire MLXE42RFW0 Universal/laundry Center Electrolux SFLG3911RW0 LAUNDRY CENTER, GAS DRYER Electrolux SFLG3911RW1 LAUNDRY CENTER, W/GAS DRYER, FRONT-LOAD Electrolux SFLG4033RT0 LAUNDRY CENTER, GAS DRYER Electrolux SFLG4033RT1 LAUNDRY CENTER, W/GAS DRYER Electrolux SFLG4033RW0 LAUNDRY CENTER Electrolux SFLG4033RW1 LAUNDRY CENTER, W/GAS DRYER White Westinghouse SWSG1031DQ0 White Westinghouse/laundry Center White Westinghouse SWSG1031DQ1 White Westinghouse/laundry Center White Westinghouse SWSG1031DS0 White Westinghouse/laundry Center White Westinghouse SWSG1031DS1 White Westinghouse/laundry Center White Westinghouse SWSG1031HQ0 LAUNDRY CENTER White Westinghouse SWSG1031HQ2 LAUNDRY CENTER White Westinghouse SWSG1031HQ4 LAUNDRY CENTER White Westinghouse SWSG1031HS0 LAUNDRY CENTER White Westinghouse SWSG1031HS1 LAUNDRY CENTER White Westinghouse SWSG1031HS2 LAUNDRY CENTER White Westinghouse SWSG1031HS4 LAUNDRY CENTER White Westinghouse SWXG831DQ0 White Westinghouse/laundry Center White Westinghouse SWXG831DQ1 White Westinghouse/laundry Center White Westinghouse SWXG831DS0 White Westinghouse/laundry Center White Westinghouse SWXG831DS1 White Westinghouse/laundry Center White Westinghouse SWXG831HQ1 LAUNDRY CENTER White Westinghouse SWXG831HQ2 LAUNDRY CENTER White Westinghouse SWXG831HQ4 LAUNDRY CENTER White Westinghouse SWXG831HS0 LAUNDRY CENTER White Westinghouse SWXG831HS1 LAUNDRY CENTER White Westinghouse SWXG831HS2 LAUNDRY CENTER White Westinghouse SWXG831HS4 LAUNDRY CENTER White Westinghouse WLSG62RFW4 White Westinghouse/laundry Center White Westinghouse WLSG62RFW5 White Westinghouse/laundry Center White Westinghouse WLXG42REW4 White Westinghouse/laundry Center White Westinghouse WLXG42REW5 White Westinghouse/laundry Center