4036ER2004A, LP2004A: Tub Seal

4036ER2004A, LP2004A: Tub Seal


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Warranty: 365 Days

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Tub Seal for LG Washer

Found in LPTUBKIT: Tub Kit


  • Rear Tub Bearing Seal
  • Forms water tight seal between tub and spring shaft.
  • Sits In front of bearings

Can Replace: 1267489, AP4438637, AH3522855, EA3522855, PS3522855

Additional information

Weight.04 lbs
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 in
Replacement Brand

Kenmore, LG


Supco – Sealed Unit Parts Company

Fits ModelsWM2077CW (ABWEEUS) WM2277HW (ABWEEUS) 796.40272800 796.40272900 796.40311900 796.40318900 796.40441900 796.40448900 796.40512900 796.40518900 796.41022900 796.41028900 796.41029900 796.42192900 796.42198900 796.42199900 CW2079CWD (ABWEELC) CW2079CWD (ABWEEUS) CW2079CWN (ABWEELC) CW2079CWN (ABWEEUS) WM0001HTM WM0001HTMA (ASTEEUS) WM0532HW (ABWEEUS) WM0642HS WM0642HW (ABWEEUS) WM0742HGA (APGEEUS) WM0742HWA (ABWEEUS) WM1333HW (AOWEEUS) WM1355HR WM1355HW WM1811CW WM1832CW (ABWEEUS) WM2011HW WM2032HS (ATTEEUS) WM2032HW (ABWEEUS) WM2042CW (ABWEEUS) WM2050CW WM2075CW (ABWEEUS) WM2101HW (ABWEEUS) WM2140CW WM2688HWMA (ABWEEUS) WM2701HV WM2801HLA (ARBEEUS) WM2801HRA (ACREEUS) WM2801HWA (ABWEEUS) WM2901HVA WM3001HPA (APTEEUS) WM3001HRA (ACREEUS) WM3001HWA (ABWEEUS) WM3050CW WM3070HRA WM3070HWA WM3250HRA WM3250HVA WM3250HWA WM3360HRCA WM3360HVCA WM3360HWCA WM3431HW01 WM3455HS WM2487HWM (ABWEEUS) WM2487HWMA (ABWEEUS) WM2487WHM WM2496HSM (ATTEEUS) WM2496HWM (ABWEEUS) WM2497HWM WM2501HVA WM2501HWA WM2601HL WM2601HR WM2601HW WM2650HRA WM2650HWA WM2655HVA WM2677HBM WM2677HSM (ATTEEUS) WM2677HWM WM2688HNM (ANBEEUS) WM2688HNMA (ANBEEUS) WM2688HWM (ABWEEUS) WM3455HW WM3470HVA WM3470HWA (00) WM3470HWA WM3477HW WM3632HW (ABWEEUS) WM3677HW (ABWEEUS) WM3987HW WM3988HWA (ABWEEUS) 796.41172210 796.41172211 796.41182310 796.41182311 796.41272210 796.41272211 796.41282311 796.41283310 796.41283311 796.41372210 796.41372211 WM2233HD (AFGEEUS) WM2233HS (ATTEEUS) WM2233HU (ABBEEUS) WM2233HW (ABWEEUS) WM2240CW WM2250CW WM2277HB (ABPEEUS) WM2277HS (ATTEEUS) WM2301HR WM2301HW WM2350HRC WM2350HWC WM2411HW WM2432HW (ABWEEUS) WM2442HW (ABWEEUS) WM2450HRA WM2455HG (APGEEUS) WM2455HW WM2487HRM (ACREEUS) WM2487HRMA (ACREEUS) 796.41373210 796.41373211 796.41379210 796.41379211 796.41472210 796.41473210 WM0642HW/01 WM1377HW WM1388HW WM2077CW/00 WM2233HW/00 WM2277HW/00 WM3070HRA/00 WM3470HWA/00 WM3477HS WM3488HS/00 WM3488HW/00