AD-3: Enviro-Safe Rerigerant

AD-3: Enviro-Safe Rerigerant


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  • Each 6oz can replaces 16oz of 134a.
  • Contains a small amount of bright green/yellow dye to aid in leak detection.
  • Uses a 134a can tap.


  • Enviro-Safe Rerigerant is made of only the most pure, quality, refined ingredients available today. Other products have the “rotten egg or sulfur odor” that comes from unrefined product or additives. Enviro-Safe Refrigerant is different. We have no offensive odor, but we have added a “Fresh Pine Scent” to aid in your leak detection.
  • In most cases, Enviro-Safe Refrigerant is capable of delivering energy savings and will result in considerable reduction in operating costs. There are many advantages of using Enviro-Safe. It allows your system to operate with less head pressure and is extremely efficient. We have recorded energy savings of up to 40% over 134a.
  • Enviro-Safe carries a guarantee that our Refrigerants will not harm air conditioning, compressors, or other related mechanical equipment when used in accordance with Enviro-Safe directions.
  • Enviro-Safe Refrigerant is lighter and more efficient that HFC and CFC products so you use less.

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